Open Source Projects (I’m working on)

These are my contributions to other’s work, follow the links to the posts to get the code. Documentation is usually within the code or in the main project’s page. Some of them are either at my GitHub or Cika’s

¿No entendés inglés ? ¡Qué lástima! Deberías aprender, Open Source por lo general involucra gente de múltiples nacionalidades y el idioma común es el inglés.
  • Generic ARM Cortex-M CMSIS, bare metal. (tested on M3)

Generic headers for lwIP to compile on any ARM Cortex-M(3) with ARM/Keil, IAR, or GNU compilers, using CMSIS, with no RTOS (NO_SYS=1). Here

  • lwIP Generic link-layer drivers for any Ethernet chip

Mods to the built-in driver to get a generic module that can call any Ethernet chip low-level driver. First release is for 16-bit transfers on bus mapped devices connected to ARM Cortex-M3 and using CMSIS, but should be easily adapted to other hardware configurations. Here

  • DM9000 (A, B, E) generic low-level driver and headers to match the lwIP Generic link-layer drivers

Generic driver based on the Linux Kernel drivers, with some lwIP flavour. Here

  • lwIP httpserver_raw

My contribution to the lwIP stack application’s suite.Official distribution here
lwHTTPd is my own fork, see here

  • lwftp

A quite simple FTP client library to send whatever you might need to send to a remote host on a small microcontroller with limited resources, here

A set of functions to handle those M2M protocols. Actually part of a bigger project including brokers, but I’m just adding bugs to the embedded code.

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